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John Gregory Macarthur-Stanham (b.1960)

John Macarthur-Stanham has continued on the work of his parents, Quentin and Antonia, to conserve and enhance the historic house and gardens at Camden Park. He grew up on the property and studied Economics at Sydney University and an MBA at UNSW. John had a business career with CSR Limited and subsequently held various company directorships and was on the Board of Dairy Farmers' Milk Co-Operative. He was the first chairman of the NSW State Government’s Local Land Services for NSW Agriculture.


With his wife Edwina, (nee Davidson) he has devoted years of very successful effort to maintaining and improving the condition of the estate and the sustainability of agricultural enterprises. Together they have gathered a group of family, friends, volunteers and workers around them in a way which has given much satisfaction and pleasure to those helping to preserve this nationally significant house and its lands. 


The work of the Camden Park Preservation Committee continues to drive the many projects needed to protect the property, and the creation of the Camden Park Nursery Group of volunteer gardeners has been an important development in recent years. Many plants previously known to be in the garden in earlier times have been returned. The development of the website Hortus Camdenensis by Colin Mills has allowed the immense amount of information about the gardens to be shared with a wider audience. The archives group has also been an important component in the story of Camden Park during John and Edwina Macarthur-Stanham’s period of stewardship.

Camden Park House, John Gregory Macarthur-Stanham, Edwina Macarthur-Stanham

John & Edwina Macarthur-Stanham

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